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Revive is a Windows application which allows you to open an IBM i5/OS AS/400 Spool File as an Excel Files - converting the report data to useable Excel data as it’s opened.

Revive Spool File Software: How it works

Revive - Opens Spool Files as Excel Files

Revive will allow you to select a list of spool files from the AS/400, it will download the spool file from the output queue and covert it into a usable Microsoft Excel file. 

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Revive is an “End User” Windows application that runs on the PC and presents the user with an easy to use graphical interface.   Revive communicates directly with the AS400 once initially installed.

Revive exists in two version. 

    Revive Paris - a point and click, end user application.

    Revive 5.1 - an application that allows you to build complicated report masks and queries.

Versions of Revive

Revive Paris Edition

Revive Paris - a full working trial of which can be downloaded from this website - allows you to display an output queue, click on a report and Revive will simply open the report as an Excel file - automatically “masking” the report so that columns of data are placed into columns of the Excel file.  The column positions can be changed simply by drag and drop.

This is an ideal application to roll out among accounts, HR or other departments that need to have access to IBM i /400 report data.

Revive 5.1F

Revive 5.1, which is currently under redevelopment, allows you to build complicated report masks which can 1) connect to the AS/400 and locate the current version of a spool file on your output queue, 2) download that spool file and apply a mask which can delete unnecessary header information, 3) un-group data so that each record is allocated to its associated group, which is useful for summing and other calculations, 4) define complicated fields of data, 5) output the results to a number of formats including Excel, 6) apply further Queries to the data to extract only the information you wish.

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Revive (now at Version 5.1) began as Revive Version 1 over 10 years ago and has been used by in excess of 5000 users world-wide.

Users of Revive

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Connecting to the IBM i (AS/400)

Historically : At one time Revive shipped with AS400 code that needed to be loaded on to the AS400 and allowed Revive to communicate with the Output Queues over 5250 style connections.  In a later edition a custom built ODBC driver was developed, again with server side code, which allowed Revive to see and download output queues and spool files. 

The present edition of Revive has been redeveloped to use a custom API over standard FTP TCP/IP connection and is now capable of communicating directly with the AS/400 using standard protocols to display and download spool files. 

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Revive connects directly over FTP

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